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i love the house that i don’t see anything and that i have averything i need.


Today, people are taking advantage of home automation to make their homes safer, efficient and fun. Just as smart phones are growing in popularity, so is the desire to create a smart home. By using automation and technology, homeowners and apartment dwellers can make their at-home experiences safe, secure and pleasurable.

Smart Home Automation

  1. You can monitor a properly automated home from inside the home from various rooms, by computer when away from home, by mobile telephone and by preprogrammed remote controls stationed in various locations. Use smart home software systems to provide functionality and access. For example, automated security cameras can be installed to watch rooms where children are cared for, provide visibility and home surveillance of interior rooms, doors and exterior premises. They can be monitored by applications networked to connect with a cellular phone, stationary computer or touchpad wireless tablet at home or away.

Heating and Cooling

  1. Use heating and cooling automation systems to control the amount of energy used for your home or apartment. Install wall-mounted thermostats that electronically adjust to day and evening temperatures to evenly and efficiently cool or warm the home. A remote control thermostat can adjust temperatures for one or several rooms, and it can be controlled from your bedside. Include capabilities to increase or decrease the temperature in case of severe winter weather to prevent pipes from freezing, keep pets comfortable and set the desired temperature for your arrival at home. Add a remote to a gas log or electric fireplace to add warmth, ambiance and enjoyment.


  1. Lighting is often the first project for home automation. A simple remote control system allows you to turn lights on and off or dim them with the touch of a button. Add a touch of romance to the bedroom by installing dimmers to lower the lights at night. Make entering your home safer by incorporating a remote control or motion sensor so that your home lights up when a car pulls into the driveway, and the garage interior lights come on. Use a remote to dim lights in a media room when the movie starts and to automatically draw curtains. Light a backyard or garden pathway with a solar or programmed electric lighting system for continued outdoor enjoyment at night.


  1. Look for programmable appliances such as coffee makers, dishwashers, washers and dryers and heated flooring. Set a coffee maker to have a fresh cup of java ready in the morning. Program the dishwasher to work while you are asleep. Set the refrigerator icemaker to keep a full supply. Adjust refrigerator food compartments to variable temperatures for proper food storage. Use energy-efficient washers to program the start time for a load of laundry while you are at work or asleep at night. Add automated sprinkler systems and schedule lawn watering on a regular basis to manage water consumption